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Foyer Global Health

Dedication Beyond Borders

Insurance Distributors

Since 2014, Foyer Global Health offers international health insurance and services to globally mobile people. Its health plans are tailored to the needs of individuals and groups. The company is backed up by Foyer S.A., the largest insurer in Luxembourg. 

Today, Foyer Global Health serves clients around the world by providing first-class coverage with comprehensive medical assistance and value-added healthcare services.

It accompanies individual clients in their search for expat health insurance adapted to their family’s needs, and offers unique and personalized health solutions to all sizes of companies.

The company also partners with leading medical providers (Europ Assistance, Teladoc Health) to ensure the best health experience for expatriates and professionals.

Learn more about Foyer Global Health’s products by visiting the website.

For any partnership request: https://www.foyerglobalhealth.com/partners-corporates/partners-brokers/become-partner/

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