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TrustAir Aviation Ltd.


Air Ambulance – Europe

TrustAir Aviation is an international air ambulance provider with a permanent base in Hungary and Spain. The company owns 4 aircraft, operates in Europe and North of Africa.

Contact TrustAir Aviation Ltd.

  • Peter TÚRI – CEO
  • +36 20 496 2088

A Message To Our Readers

TrustAir Aviation became a recognized air ambulance service provider on the European market over the previous years. We are proud to serve our returning clients and show our skills and professionalism to any new partner. We are not a charter company, but well-established medical service provider with an in-house medical department, where our biggest asset is our colleagues’ experience, reliability and loyalty. Our patients and clients come first. We work hard to further improve our service quality and strengthen our already achieved position on the European air ambulance market. Trust us, we are just a call away.

TrustAir Aviation Ltd in AirMed&Rescue

Post-Covid missions: are they really 'post'?

Post-Covid missions: are they really ‘post’?

TrustAir Aviation’s Medical Director Dr Istvan Lunczer shares the latest challenge facing air ambulance operators – the safe transport of Covid patients who continue to suffer from long-term respiratory distress and failure


Case Study: TrustAir on the aeromedical transfer of Covid-19 patients

Case Study: TrustAir on the aeromedical transfer of Covid-19 patients

Flying a Covid-positive patient is a huge challenge from both a teamwork and a professional perspective. Dr Peter Turi of TrustAir described how his team manages Covid patients