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Voyageur 24 Claimed

No matter where the journey starts, we can help

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About Voyageur24

world-class medical repatriation specialist, Voyageur24 provides cost-effective travel solutions for the medical assistance and travel insurance industry. With an experienced team of in-house travel consultants, we are uniquely skilled to help get your travellers home.

Wherever the journey starts, our team can plan the most viable and efficient route for your patient’s repatriation. We work with our contacts across the travel industry to provide the best airline fares and offer 24hr ticketing.

Our full service includes flight ticketing for your customers, booking your medical escorts on flights, stretchers, advice on visa and health information, accommodation and additional travel arrangements as necessary.

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Our team of medical repatriation specialists are on hand 24/7, 265 days a year to help find the most cost-effective, efficient route home for your passengers.