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Gateway International EMS


Ground Transport – Medical

Worldwide EMS Solutions, Simplified™

Gateway International EMS offers unique solutions to the air ambulance, medical assistance, travel assistance, and healthcare provider industries. We coordinate and arrange ground ambulances and town cars worldwide.

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About Gateway International EMS

Gateway International EMS offers unique solutions to the air ambulance, medical assistance, travel assistance, and healthcare provider industries.

Medical and Non-Medical Ground Transportation

Whether medical or not, we provide transportation solutions custom for your needs.

Event Medical Services

Our capabilities stretch to providing high quality medical staffing for both big and small events.

Global Resource Pool

Our support is worldwide, available to anyone needing resources and medical solutions.

A Message From The CEO

At Gateway International EMS we have always valued and understood the challenges facing travelers who get injured or sick while abroad. We understand the emotional toll it can take on families and their loved ones. That is why at Gateway International EMS with every transport we perform and every patient we help, we do it out of conviction that we can make a difference. Each patient, their families and each client has and will receive our 100% dedication to making their days a little bit better with our service.

Oliver L. Müller


We have used Gateway as our transportation provider for years now. Simply put, Gateway is the best at what they do. We send one email and know the transportation will be perfect, no matter if it’s across town or across the country!

Gateway’s response time is phenomenal! Anytime, day or night, we know we will have a response in minutes. No request is too big or small as Gateway will handle it all.

Gateways professionalism towards their clients and passengers is outstanding and their rates are much less than what we have experienced in the past. Gateway truly is “One stop shopping for all our companies transportation needs”

Pauline Vadood
Client Services Manager, New Frontier Group