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Global MediCALL Assistance

Medical, Healthcare & Roadside Assistance

Assistance – Asia Pacific

Global MediCALL Assistance or better known as GMCA, the founding member of aware24 alliance, has become one of the leading independent assistance providers in medical, travel, concierge, roadside and other services.

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About Global MediCALL Assistance

Global MediCALL Assistance (M) sdn Bhd is located in Selangor, Malaysia. Incorporated since July 2010, today, GMCA (as we are collectively known), has emerged as one of Malaysia’s growing and trusted assistance service providers.

Our team specializes in medical, roadside, travel, concierge assistance, contact center for business and leisure travellers, expatriate and corporate clients.

GMCA provides a 24 hours in-house call center services to a wide range of companies and organizations. We carefully chose our providers and can be sure our clients will get the best possible service while requesting our assistance. Our goal is to reduce the expenses to our clients and customers without compromising the high level of care.

Global MediCALL Assistance is part of the alliance known as AWARE 24.


My wife had dengue fever and needed to be transferred to hospital in Penang immediately from Langkawi Island. One of your ground ambulances brought my wife and I back from Kuala Kedah jetty to the hospital in Penang.

I am writing to you personally because I want to express my sincere thanks to your staff for the extraordinarily thoughtful and professional way that everyone in your company with whom we came in contact conducted themselves, while first arranging, and then carrying out the transfers.

From the first moment that I spoke to your staff it became apparent that we were in good hands, they were calm, reassuring and thoroughly professional. On the ambulance, the driver and the medical officer were again wonderfully reassuring and efficient.

May I say that you have a company and staff of which you can be truly proud and offer you our very best wishes for the continued success of your company.
During a motorcycle ride in Cambodia I unfortunately I fell off my motorcycle due to an accident. I was diagnosed with Right Displaced Lateral Malleolous Fracture and was recommended for a surgery and was needed to be evacuated to a private medical Centre in Malaysia. I would like to take this opportunity to both thank and congratulate your company for the timely and very professional way our transport was arranged from Cambodia to Malaysia, including pre-arranged assistance at airport and a van transfer to take us from KLIA to centre of medical excellence where my appointment has been fixed with a Specialist for the surgery.

I find it very pleasing to note that customer service is obviously a priority to your company especially at a time of personal misfortune when friendly assistance is needed the most. Thanks again to your staff for their professional, friendly service following my claim. I will be recommending your excellent customer service and products to our friends and business colleagues following my personal experience!
I would like to thank you for being unfailingly charming and helpful; the service I have received from GMCA has been excellent all round.

The knowledge that your help was on hand was of great reassurance to my husband at home in the UK too.

The after midnight request for hospital visit and taxi ride was handled with a cool mind and heart.