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New Frontier Group


Cost Containment

New Frontier Group delivers global healthcare program management. We serve as a front-line outsourcing partner and advocate for our clients who handle diverse international travel and health care portfolios.

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“We are very aware that our desire to achieve the best savings while not inconveniencing the end customers is a real balancing act for you – especially when a baby and a stressed mother are involved.  Thank you indeed for the great results in quality and savings.“ –  Roland Assistance

“New Frontier Group’s office staff and customer service are superior in the industry!” – CEGA

The New Frontier Group’s pharmacy staff have done a phenomenal job on the recent case we had in Fort Lauderdale.  Please extend my compliments to the team.” – Northcott Global Solutions

“We have identified New Frontier Group telehealth as a very beneficial and convenient service for our traveling customers, particularly in the current travel environment.”- AIG Travel

“You are very helpful in the sometimes-confusing billing process.  It is good to know we can always count on you and your team.“ – Roland Assistance

Quote from the CEO

“As a global healthcare company, we recognize that our success is inseparable from the health and well-being of the planet and its people. We are committed to operating sustainably and reducing our environmental footprint to combat the health effects of climate change. We also recognize the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in healthcare, and we strive to create a workforce and culture that reflect the diverse communities we serve. Finally, we believe that global unity and collaboration are essential to solving the world’s most pressing health challenges, and we will continue to partner with organizations and stakeholders around the world to build a healthier, more sustainable, global healthcare future for all.”  Gitte Bach, CEO